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27 May
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I started writing fan fiction in December 2008. I rarely write fanfiction, I will mostly draw fanart.

The only cross species I believe in is angels, demons, humans, vampires and werewolfs with each other. I do ship aliens with people but only the aliens that are basically humans from outter space (vulcans, romulans, and other aliens from star trek/wars), same goes for demons and vampires. I won't ship any worm or tentacle aliens or demons with humans or any other creature.

I don't condone real life incest, just cause I ship Dean with his two brothers Sam and Adam Winchester, and Racer X with his brother Speed Racer. Same goes for my Lucifer Mourningstar ships, I ship SPN Lucifer, comics Lucifer and tv show Lucifer (Tom Ellis) with a bunch of people but I'm NOT a Satanist and I want nothing to do with real life Lucifer. It's just a show. Same also goes for my ships involving Albert Wesker. After all he is partly responsible for the zombie outbreak and those scary freaky experiments with all those viruses he knew about and was making. Same goes for Dr. Oliver Thredson/Lana Winters from American Horror Story: Asylum, I ship them alternate universe not rapist Thredson/Bisexual Lana Winters and I DON'T condone rape. If Thredson wasn't a rapist serial killer psychopath and she was bi they would have been a perfect couple.

Canon is not always canon.

I have alot of ships. I got all my ships over the last 20 years of my life. I been shipping since before shipping was used for fictional canon and non-canon couples. As long as books, movies and tv shows are around shipping well be around. Want to end shipping? Then stop writing amazing plot with amazing characters.

albert/alice, alice/claire, ambrosious/adam, ambrosious/kevin, anakin/padme, brian/brandon, brian/connor, brian/eric, brian/justin, connor/brandon, daminan/thom, dantes cove, dean/adam, dean/damon, dean/derek, dean/elena, dean/michael, donovan/tristan, donovan/will drake, inspector dectector, inspector detector/racer x, john/balthazar, john/bela, john/gadreel, john/ruby, justin/brandon, justin/connor, kirk/spock, lucifer/dan, lucifer/mazikeen, lucifer/meg, lucifer/ruby, michael/adam, obi wan/anakin, obi wan/padme, queer as folk, racer x/jack canonball taylor, sam/dean, sam/gabriel, sam/lucifer, speed/inspector dectector, speed/jack canonnball taylor, speed/racer x, stiles/derek, supernatural, the lair, toby/adam, will drake/tristan

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