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16 October 2015 @ 01:12 am
my ONLY incest ships I will EVER ships:
1. Speed/X (Speed Racer) my 1st incest ship
2. Wincest (Sam/Dean) (SPN)
3. Wincest 2 (Dean/Adam) (SPN)
4. Daddycest (John/Dean) (SPN
18 January 2017 @ 11:17 am
Ship names:
Johenny (John x Benny)
Jellen (John x Ellen)
Denny (Dean x Benny)
Michadreel (Michael x Gadreel)
Debriel (Dean x Gabriel)
Wincest (Sam x Dean)
Michean (Michael x Dean)
Samifer (Sam x Lucifer)
Sabriel (Sam x Gabriel)
Michifer (Michael x Lucifer)
Debreel (Dean x Gadreel)
Ludreel (luifer x Gadreel)
Daddycest (John and his 3 sons)
Ducifer (Dean x Lucifer)
Demandriel (Dean x Adamandriel)
Johnreel (John x Gadreel)
Demara (Dean x Amara)
Dimpala, Impean, (Dean x Impala)
Megifer (Meg x Lucifer)
Jela (John x Bela)
Adamandriel (Adam x Samandriel)

Stucky (Steve x Bucky)
Stony (Steve x Tony)
Clintasha (Clint x Natasha)

Petlar (Peter x Sylar)
Sylaire (Sylar x Claire)

Resident Evil:
Clairice Aberfield (Claire x Alice)
Chrisker (Wesker x Chris)
Weslater (Wesker x Slater)

Rickyl (Rick x Daryl)
Bethyl (Beth x Daryl)

Ravioli (Liv x Ravi) from Izombie

Temmett (Ted x Emmett)
Britin (Brian x Justin)

Star Wars
Skysolo (Luke x Han)
Obikin (Obi Wan x Anakkin)
Anidala (Anakin x Padme)
Sobiwan (Sabe x Obi Wan)
Obidala (Obi Wan x Padme)

Captian Swan (Hook x Swan)
Delijah (Damon x Elijah)
Elejah (Elena x Elijah)
Haylijah (Hayley x Elijah)
Sterek (Stiles x Derek)
Spirk (Kirk x Spock)
Spuffy (Spike x Buffy)

Speed Racer:
Racercest (Speed/Racer X)
Inspex (ID/X)
X-Ball (X/Taylor)

Lucifer show:
Chlaze (Chloe x Maze)
Danifer (Dan x Luicfer)

Soap Operas: Y&R and her sister soap B&B:
Statt (Steffy x Wyatt)
Sticky (Stitch x Victoria)
Chadam (Chelsea x Adam)

Jana (Jack x Ana)
Jawyer (Jack x Sawyer)
Joone (Jack x Boone)
Jayid (Jack x Sayid)

Dante's Cove:
Brovin (Ambrousious x Kevin)
25 October 2015 @ 09:50 am
I love Dean and Sam. Supernatural needs to be more Sam and Dean.

I will defend all 7 Winchesters: Henry, John, Impala, Mary, Dean, Sam, and Adam...Maybe 8 cause of the very first Winchester: Cain

"Adam is half Winchester" So? So is Dean and Sam. They are Winchester/Campbell. We are all half of what our dad is and the other half is what our mom is. John is HALF Winchester and half what his mom is, same goes for Henry Winchester. Is all this hate because he's not Mary's kid? Why so much hate for a minor character who was in only three episodes. He got dragged into a Supernatural world just like John because of Michael and Lucifer wanted to happen the apocalypse to happen. What gives people the right to accuse John of not using a fucking condom? Duh condoms can fucking break and IF John and Kate didn't use a condom, maybe it's because John and Kate didn't plan on having sex but then John being smart, went out to his truck to get them from his glove compartment but of course John not always having enough money didn't ALWAYS buy the best condom brand, so he bought what he could and one night it FUCKING BROKE and besides it's not like John was going around fucking random people and strippers. John ment a nurse that reminded him so much of Mary both physically and personality so he had an affair USING condoms, but of course John's condom BROKE. Adam is possibly a broken condom baby. Canon is canon when it comes to Destiel but when it comes to Adam, well let's just make shit up and accuse John of being a slut and being a careless asshole. In the mind set of John Winchester, HE doesn't know what happened to Mary's ghost, all he knows is that Mary was on the ceiling burning and her stomach was bleeding. So are we really going to expect John to go the rest of his life without sex? And then he met Kate and John is probably joking about how Kate is Mary reincarnated and he's joking about those movies where two random people die and one comes back in the other's body and Mary has no memory of her life, so he becomes interested in her and they end up having an affair and one night John's condom broke and along comes Adam WINCHESTER.

Pro John Winchester:
24 October 2015 @ 12:21 pm
1. Crowley/john (spn)
2. dean/alistar (spn)
3. pimpala (spn)
4. destiel (spn)
5 john/Azazel (spn)
6. bobby/Crowley (spn)
7. Mary/Azazel (spn)
8. jate (lost)
9. skate (lost)
10. jacket (lost)
11. suliet (lost)
12 charlie/Claire (Lost)
13. shadam (the young and the restless)
14. Abby/stitch (the young and the restless)
15. Ashley/stitch (the young and the restless)
16. mckirk (star trek tos and reboot)
17. McCoy/Spock (star trek tos and reboot)
18. sylar/elle (heroes)
19. Crowley/everyone including crossovers
20. Kate Austen/everyone including crossovers
21. Juliet Burke/everyone including crossovers
22. elle bishop/everyone including crossovers
16 October 2015 @ 01:04 am
Pro shipping:
⦁ Shipping is "liking" a fictonal canon and non-canon couple. Since when is it wrong to like a fictional couple?

⦁ Shipping non-canon ships is NOT rejeting canon, it's making better love stories than annoying rushed "let's fuck in the first episode then get married in the next episode" canon ships.

⦁ I have some canon ships.

⦁ MOST shippers respect actors and cast but there is the few bad shippers that makes the loudest noise and is on mutliple websites.

⦁ Two characters DON'T have to met to ship them. 

⦁ Fanart, fanfic is just showing our love for our movies and tv shows.

⦁ Shipping is NOT a teen thing.

⦁ Yes, some of us can get out of control and send death threats.

⦁ I have so many ships casue I watch for the plot and end up falling in love with the cahracters and when we see an amazing character fall for a wasted character (Jack x Kate from Lost for example) we throw out canon and make up better ships (jack/sayid, jack/ana also from lost) cause they are so much alike and are not wasted characters.

⦁ Destiehellers have ruin Destiel for me, I'm anti-Destiel but i have a had time trying not to ship Destiel cause of the bad Destiel shippers. I mean come on you have a cute dork angel and his human friend, the angel knows nothing about earth, humans or animals, and the dork angel is asking funny arkward questions. That's why i get on tumblr and I'm reminded why I dont ship them. That's why I hate having to compare my otp: Michean (Archangel Michael/Dean winchester) to fucking Destiel, when the Destielhellers attack my ships or I have to defend them to a good or a bad Destiel shipper.
09 October 2015 @ 03:52 pm
My kids I made up for my Michean, Sabriel, Adamandriel, Jela SPN fanfic:
Name: _________________________________________________________________________
Actress/Actor apperance: _________________________________________________________
Age: __________________________________________________________________________
Birthday: ______________________________________________________________________
Nationality: ____________________________________________________________________
Place of Birth: __________________________________________________________________
Current Residence: ______________________________________________________________
Occupation: ____________________________________________________________________
Talent Skills: ____________________________________________________________________
Parents: _______________________________________________________________________
Friends: _______________________________________________________________________
siblings: _______________________________________________________________________
Cousins: _______________________________________________________________________
Grandparents: __________________________________________________________________
Aunts/Uncles: __________________________________________________________________
Reason for Name: _______________________________________________________________
habits: ________________________________________________________________________
style: _________________________________________________________________________
species: _______________________________________________________________________
If he/she is a Nephilim:
         wing color: ___________________________________
         weakness: ___________________________________
        eye color when they glow: _______________________
hobbies: _______________________________________________________________________
If the kid is a Michean, Sabriel, or Adamandriel Nephilim kid which
parent had a SUPERNATURAL c-section:_____________________________________________
Was the kid planned______ or a surprise________or both: planned but they (the
kids) decided to suprise the parents by arriving 2-4 years sooner then they was
supposied to arrive.
John and Bela's human kids: human Weakness:_______________________________________
Michean: Michael/Dean                   Sabriel: Sam/Gabriel
Adamandriel: Adam/Samandriel        Jela: John/Bela
I already have names for the kids and they already have a gender.
02 February 2012 @ 02:57 pm
I'm running a test to see who's reading my posts. So, if you read this, leave me a one-word comment about your day. Then repost so I can leave a word for you.